Well, isn't this impeccable timing? Right as the holiday shopping frenzy is set to start on Black Friday, Motorhead have revealed the latest additions to their Lovehoney line of sex toys, which now includes two glass dildos and a menacing 'War Pig' vibrating wand (pictured below). It's the band who wrote the song "Vibrator" and released an album called Orgasmatron — is this really that surprising?

The first line of Motorhead self-pleasurables included multi-function / speed bullet and torpedo shaped vibrators and their infamous Snaggletooth mascot now adorns two glass dildos, dubbed the 'Motorhead Bomber,' one black and one clear, with a torpedo tail affixed to the bottom. Both are temperature-responsive and can be cooled or warmed prior to use.

Returning to the vibrating front, Motorhead have unleashed what might be the most fearsome sex toy in history. The vibrating wand (sold out at the time this post was written) plugs into a U.S. outlet, offering multiple speeds for varying intensity. The product description also reads that this toy can double as a back massager — to get the kinks out, we presume.

"Just like our live shows, the next morning after using our sex toys you will be thinking 'what the f--k was that?' and go to work with a big smile. Just like the band, our products are EXTREME! Enjoy with care," exclaimed guitarist Phil Campbell. Drummer Mikkey Dee cleverly added, “Wherever you see, hear or feel Motorhead, you KNOW that it’s gonna be the most powerful time you’ll enjoy and right here is no exception!”

To claim one or all of these as your own, head to Lovehoney's website to purchase. The 'Bomber' dildos are selling for $64.95 while the 'War Pig' wand goes for $164.95.

Earlier this year, Motorhead also announced the newest addition to their signature line of alcohol, which will now include the 'Road Crew' American-styled pale ale. The beer brings 4.5 percent ABV and Mikkey Dee stated, “I’m proud to have been able to develop this beer with Camerons. The trials we have tasted have been great. We wanted this to be an exciting and refreshing brew which is for you, our Road Crew.”

New Motorhead Sex Toys


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