Who'da thunk it??? At first glance, this 'Ice Bucket Challenge" appeared like just another B.S. Facebook time suck, but at some point in time, it got real. Now Facebook is loaded with Ice Bucket Challenges from everyone from Supermodels to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and the ALS Foundation has received more attention in a week than it has in years, and banking big from donations. With no end in sight.

With that in mind, I felt obligated to share some of my favorite "Ice Bucket Challenges". Of course, most of them include hot chicks. Who doesn't love a hot chick in cold water? But I've also tossed in a couple of my favorites that don't involve very cold, scantily clad women. Those are at the end, so that you can skip them without missing the really good stuff...

What would a charity challenge be without two of the richest men in the free world?  Any bets on whether they tossed in more than the minimum $10?

And of course...the already classic Dave Grohl Challenge acceptance:

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