I have often thought that one way to get around the delays of airport security and TSA patdowns before flying would be to tell all passengers to strip down to their birthday suits. Clearly, I am not alone in that thought based on an incident that occurred at Louis Armstrong International Airport last Friday night. 

Jefferson Parish Deputies say Mariel Vergara of Pueblo Colorado arrived at the airport last Friday and approached the Spirit Airlines ticket counter. Oh, I forgot to tell you, she was totally nude. As in not wearing a stitch of clothing. She was nekkid, as we would say in Mississippi.

NOLA.com reported on their site Thursday afternoon that ticket agents called security and by the time deputies arrived Ms. Vergara had at least put on a dress. The only problem with the dress was that it did not cover all her private parts and she had no underpants on either.

Airline agents informed Ms.Vergara that because of her lack of proper attire they would not allow her to board any aircraft. She was then asked to leave the airport.

Now, if you're going to all the trouble to bother showing up at the airport naked you're not about to leave that airport without a fight right? That's exactly what happened. After ignoring orders to leave Ms.Vergara got into a scuffle with Jefferson Parish Deputies and she was taken into custody.

JPSO deputies have not released details about Ms. Vergara's motives for her actions or details on the current charges that were levied against her yesterday.

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