In a very short amount of time, you may be faced with the age-old choice: To rake, or not to rake.  On one hand, your yard looks like you've never spent any time on it when it's buried under 16 layers of dead leaves - and your neighbor's looks like a PGA professional groundskeeper looks after it on the daily.  On the other hand, that football isn't going to watch itself.

If you aspire to spend your off-time in the fall on the couch, in the stand, or poking a fire with a stick - rejoice!  The National Wildlife Federation says it's better for the environment to let those leaves lie!  There's your justification right there!  It's not lazy, it's environmentally responsible!

When you are being asked to explain how exactly how you are saving planet by taking a nap instead of raking the yard, sleepily point to the 7 tips given to us by the absolute authorities

Basically, keeping the leaves on the ground helps put nutrients back into the soil, provides a safe place for lots of creatures to lay eggs, find food, suppress the growth of weeds, and provides several other nature friendly benefits.

Once you have made your point, feel free to close your eyes, roll over, and continue saving the world.

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