You see that guy in the picture above?  That could be you.  Maybe not the chrome helmet, the raw meat, or the Dallas Cowboys game that this picture was taken at - but the idea of this picture could be you.  More specifically, you could win a trip for 2 to see the NFL team of your choice play.  That's airfare, hotel, tickets to the game, and $300 spending cash for you and a friend.  Obviously this has to follow the pre-existing schedule.  We can't get the Cowboys vs. the Eagles in Shreveport - we've tried.  But we can send you to see them play in Philadelphia if that's what you're into.

How do you win this delicious morsel of football fantasy?  You put on your cleats, click them together 3 times and whisper "There's no place like end-zone, there's no place like end-zone."  If you believe that, I've got some friends that want to know if you'd like to place a bet on the Browns to win it all this season.

All kidding aside (sorry Browns fans), all you have to do is enter.  You have from now until October 3 at 6 p.m to throw your name in the helmet.  The winner will get the trip of a lifetime (unless Jerry Jones is your uncle), and get to totally geek out football-style with a friend at any game you choose between week 9 and week 10 this season.  I can almost smell the pigskin now - you guys are gonna have a blast.

Click here to enter, and pay close attention to the details.  You've got a chance to enter multiple times.  The more you enter, the better your chance to ditch the TV and see your favorite team smash it up live and in person.

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