Shreveport can't even fix the potholes in its streets, but believes it can build a new sports complex.  How's that for magical thinking?

When New Orleans Pelicans representatives met with city officials about the possibility of bringing a new G-League (short for "Gatorade League") team to Shreveport, they said that none of the city's existing sports facilities would meet the criteria they were looking for.  Which meant that if Shreveport were to submit a proposal for getting the new team, the offer would have to include a new building of some sort.

City Chief Administrative Officer Brian Crawford spoke to the Shreveport City Council on Monday and explained the mayor's decision to go ahead and bid for the team. Knowing that there would be a lot of pushback on the prospect of building a new facility, Crawford was careful to say that it would not be an "arena" per se, but a new "sports complex."  Potayto, potahto.  However you say it, it's going to cost money.  A lot of money--as in $25 million.  And supposedly that money is coming from something called "riverfront development funds".

Shreveport/Bossier City residents have always shown huge support for past pro sports franchises, so this seems like the perfect fit.  In a bizarro parallel universe!  There is absolutely no indication that citizens will support this team any more than the others that have come and gone.  And erecting a $25 million "sports complex" is not going to change that.

Do I think it would be cool to see up-and-coming NBA talent playing regularly in our town.  Absolutely!  Do I believe a G-League team will be successful here? Not in a million years.  Or the time it takes to fix our city streets.  Whichever comes first.




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