Teachers are some of the hardest working and valuable members of society.   Dealing with 20+ in a classroom is hard enough, but helping each and everyone of them actually learn something sounds impossible.  That's why everyone agrees that educators in this country are underpaid, right?  Not so fast.

According to the results of a recent YouGov survey, a full 9% of Americans believe that teachers get paid too much.  If you are like me, you had to look at that sentence a second time to makes sure you read it right.  Almost one in ten Americans said that the $61,730 per year an average teacher makes in this country is too much for the job they do.  I can virtually guarantee none of those people are teachers.

That $61,730 is the average for teachers in the U.S., but it can vary wildly from state to state.  If you think that Louisiana is at the bottom of the list, you're in for another shock.  Educators in the Bayou State bring in an average of $50,923 per year.  In my opinion, that number isn't high enough - but at least it's a few grand per year higher than Mississippi, who came in dead last with an average yearly income of $45,574.  In case you were wondering who topped the list, it was New York.  Teachers in the Empire State brought in an average of $85,889 per year.  Check out where the rest of the country fell here.

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