A new bill winding it's way through the Texas legal system on its way to becoming a law would take a heavily favored weapon out of telemarketers arsenals.  House Bill 1992 would make it illegal to falsify caller ID information in an effort to obscure a call's true origin.  If you haven't received one of these calls, you're lucky.

The "spoofed" number that shows up in your caller ID leads you to believe that the call is coming from an eerily familiar number.  They usually portray the number as a local one, and have even been known to use your number when they call you - because, who wouldn't answer a call from themselves?  You're thinking it could be you from the future with the winning lotto numbers, but it ends up being Andrea from member services with urgent information about your car's warranty or something.

If it becomes law, the new bill would allow the Attorney General to prosecute companies that willfully misrepresent who they are through caller ID.  That way, you will have the option to ignore that incredibly low-interest-rate offer during dinner.

The bill still has to pass one more vote in the Texas Senate before it moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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