Netflix is an integral part of our life.  When it first started back in 1997, it was a novel alternative to renting a video at Blockbuster.  You didn't have to leave your home, you just picked out a "Queue," or list of movies and shows on DVD you wanted to see and the company would send them to you two or three at a time (depending on your membership level).  Since then, the revolutionary company has pioneered the video streaming at home experience.  When traditional sources of video entertainment wouldn't suffice, Netflix started to make it's own programming - with many of their direct-to-streaming titles putting the quality of network series and Hollywood blockbusters to shame.

To make the experience even better, while you are watching your favorite shows - Netflix is watching you!  The data they collect on your viewing habits helps them choose which shows are winners and which ones need to go.  When you comb through the data, you can see that viewing habits are not universal.  The variation of streaming favorites changes wildly from state to state, and has put together a pretty comprehensive map of who's binge watching what.

In Texas, Lone Star residents favor the Mexican political drama Ingobernable.  Oklahoma-ites prefer the mysterious serial-killer-esque Mindhunter.  But, when it comes to the Bayou State of Louisiana - we seem to fall in line with states like New York, Florida, and Ohio when it comes to Netflixin'.  In total 15 states love "Orange is the New Black," more than any other available on the service.  It was also the #4 show that we were most likely to watch ahead of our significant others (also known as Netflix cheating).

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