Your beer gut used to be something you could embrace and be proud of, but things might be changing.

There is an increasing trend of "shapewear for men." Undershirts and underwear that is made to suck in your gut when you are to lazy to do it.

Asda, a huge supermarket in the UK, is launching it's version of shapewear for men called "Manx" a play off the shapewear for women "Spanx." Spanx also has a line of men's shapewear, Spanx for Men.

It's I'll give you a piece of advise: DON'T give in! No matter what your girlfriend or your old lady might say to change your mind, just ignore should be good at that by now. Be proud of your beer gut, love handles, moobs, or what have you. These things are uncomfortable, hot, and will ride up like you won't believe. It's too late for me, but you still have time, it's not too late.