Teachers in Oklahoma are currently striking to protest low wages and the dismal conditions of the schools they work in.  Currently, the Sooner State near the bottom of the list when it comes to teacher pay - and the educators have had enough.  Today will be the 5th day of a movement that has brought thousands of teachers, administrators, and concerned parents to the grounds of the capitol - and today's gathering may just bring about change.  Three measures will be voted on today - and together, the revenue from these newly enacted policies will (hopefully) close the gap between the $6,100 salary increase for teachers lawmakers have already approved and the $10,000 increase over 3 years educators have demanded.

This may be too little, too late for some teachers.  An influx of educators flowing from Oklahoma into Texas has been reported by CNN, which is no surprise.  Every state that borders Oklahoma has a higher mean salary for teachers, and Texas offers the biggest jump in pay.  Basically, when a teacher from Oklahoma moves just one state over - they can expect an $8,000 - $16,000 jump in income instantly.

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