It's been two years since the neighborhood Kroger shut down on Benton Road in Bossier City to move into swanky new digs on Airline Drive.  Brookshire's made a pitch to buy the property and was reportedly going to turn it into a Super One, but that fell through.  So, since that time the building has been empty and a blot on the landscape.

That is soon to change.  Now instead of buying stuff to stuff your face, you can go inside and buff your bod.  KTBS-TV is reporting that Southerland Building Company has purchased the property with plans to turn it into a new Planet Fitness facility.

And some people aren't happy about it.  One resident said that the area is home to a lot of older people who have no use for a gym, but need an easily accessible place to buy groceries.

Doesn't look like that's gonna happen.  After putting in a new Planet Fitness, the remainder of the building will be used for some sort of variety store, whatever that means.

Planet Fitness members are sure going to be happy.  There are 7,000 of them in Bossier City.  The new facility is slated to open in January.

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