I recently read a funny quote on Facebook that not only made me laugh at loud, but at the same time, was frighteningly telling of some of today's youth.

It said, "When I was young, a car's owner's manual described how to set the valves in the engine. The owner's manual today reminds owners not to drink the contents of the battery."

What Is Wrong With Some Of These People?

Some of today's youth have apparently underdeveloped mental skills. They've been caught eating Tide Pods and more recently have been chastened by the medical community for drinking fish tank cleaner.

But, this story, first reported by KNOE in Monroe, just takes the cake.

Joshua Randall White, Jr., 18, of Ouachita Parish, is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire on March 5.

White was arrested by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Department on March 15 and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on the felony charge of domestic abuse battery, serious injury burning.

According to the report from the arresting deputy, White and the unnamed victim were drinking alcohol when he allegedly covered her in some kind of liquid and then used a lighter to set her on fire.

But Wait, This Story Gets Even Worse

Of course, that accusation is horrible enough, but it's what the deputy added in the report, that likens itself to the things nightmares are made of.

The deputy reported, "White reportedly told the victim that he wanted to set someone on fire to see what it was like."

He did what? He allegedly set a person on fire out of curiosity?

I wonder about how it would feel to win Powerball, while he's wondering what it's like to see a person screaming in agony as they are trying to extinguish themselves.

This is the world we live in today. Course, he might have just eaten a Tide pod and that led to his actions. Who knows.

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