One of, if not my favorite, movie growing up was 1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I've watched it COUNTLESS times. I've probably seen 'Excellent Adventure' more times than any semi-functioning adult should have.


With all that said, right now is an excellent time to be a Bill & Ted fan. Not only is their a new movie on the way, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music (You can get your first look at the new film here). But, now, you can own your very own Bill & Ted phone booth!

This exact replica created by Cubicall features everything you remember and love from 'Excellent Adventure'. This beast weighs over 600 lbs, is 102" tall and is fully functional! It's incredible.

However, the bad news, this monster also features an incredible price tag. If you want to own this excellent phone booth, you're going to shell out nearly 9 thousand bucks ($8,495 plus shipping to be exact).

While the price tag may be a bummer, it is pretty awesome that Bill & Ted are coming back in a major way. 2020 is going EXCELLENT!

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