Legend has it that Philip Anselmo's New Orleans home is haunted by a ghost. The rumors have been persistent over the years and Elliott of Little Punk People (video above) sat down with the Pantera icon to get to the bottom of things and even corroborated a bit of Anselmo's story with Crowbar's Kirk Windstein.

"It's the truth. I hate to say it, but as much as I just want to debunk the entire ghost thing, there was a time when I first moved back to New Orleans... I moved into a house that I knew of two people [who] had died actually under the roof and a person [who] had died while living there and everybody, almost it seemed like, that came into the house said that they felt something," Anselmo began when asked to confirm or deny that Windstein claims to have seen a ghost in the singer's house.

Anselmo went on to detail one time where he was cleaning up after a party and felt a presence, chalking up potentially not hearing somebody come in because he was vacuuming. "I finished vacuuming and I just had grabbed the mop handle and out of my peripheral vision I was so positive that someone had come through the door that I was in mid-turn toward the person and I was about to raise my hand to waive at them and it wasn't there by the time I looked."

"It looked like this guy that I had known when I was a child who had lived under the roof and had died of other medical complications in the hospital," he continued. Anselmo's mother doubted the supernatural claim and the singer went on, "I was much younger and stupider but either way, this is the part about it: he had painted a beautiful mural in his bathroom, when he lived there back in the '50s, of the French Quarter. Anselmo made plans to extend the bathroom while on tour, which was where he received a "frantic call from home."

His stepfather then explained that after breaking the wall in the bathroom up, he discovered "an old Band-Aid can," opened it and "sure enough it was a picture of the person I thought I saw" when this person was in high school. Anselmo later learned that this person was "into voodoo and witchcraft and the supernatural." The frontman detailed, "There is a rite where if you want to remain and you want to haunt your familiar surroundings, there is a rite that you perform and you put something personal inside of somewhere — it was in the wall so obviously it was a purposeful deed that he put his picture inside the wall and therefore I did perhaps see him. That's debatable and that's my long boring ghost story."

The interview then cuts to Windstein, who explains his encounter with a ghost at Anselmo's house. The Crowbar frontman recalls hanging with the Pantera legend when there was a knock at the door. Anselmo asked Windstein to answer the door, but there was nobody there. Later, Windstein looked over his shoulder and saw a doorway where someone walked down the hall. "Back then we would always crash out at Phil's house. It was almost like he didn't even want to be there alone," he added.

Anselmo will be releasing a new album with Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals (his solo project) in December. Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue has been set as the title for the follow-up to the Walk Through Exits Only debut which was released in 2013.

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