Did you know that Pizza Hut has been delivering pizza since 1958?  That's a whole lot of pizza and wings brought right to your door.  When you order a drink (like a 2 liter of Pepsi), you don't even have to leave the house!   In my humble opinion, if you work late and don't have time to cook dinner - it's the perfect meal!  What if I told you that you could get a couple of ice cold beers delivered with that pizza?  It's true (kinda)!

The beer delivering part isn't available in Louisiana or Texas just yet, but it may be coming soon.  The Plano, Texas based pizza delivery chain has tested their suds-to-home concept in hand picked markets in California and Arizona with rousing success.  Now, the chain is rolling out stage 2 of the plan that includes expanding beer delivery in those states, as well as introducing the service into Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Ohio.  All-in-all, the next step of the lager launch includes more than 300 stores.  Unfortunately, the Ark-La-Tex is not represented in that list - yet.

The golden ray of hope comes in this form; According to WFAA, the restaurant chain will expand to another 1,000 stores by this summer.  Fingers crossed!

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