Alan Clarke from the Metropolitan Planning Commission talks about the persistent rumors of an Amazon distribution center coming coming to the area.

Rumors began to fly after Clarke spoke to KTBS TV. From

A decision on whether Amazon will pick Shreveport as the site of one of its fulfillment centers or warehouses “could” be made soon.

There’s heavy emphasis on “could” since those involved in the decision-making process on Amazon’s end are “tight-lipped,” said Alan Clarke, Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission executive director.

"The word I heard is possibly in the next two weeks there will be an announcement," Clarke said Wednesday.

But Clarke told KEEL, not so fast. "I have no information," Clarke says, "I've shared with them we have no information...other than the fact that possibly their distribution centers are looking at Shreveport. But beyond that, there is no information."

Meanwhile, KEEL News has obtained documents related to permit applications filed with Shreveport for "Project Cosmeaux", a 3.5 million square foot building just off North Market Street in Shreveport, near the Caddo Correction Center. The permits involve at least 4 consulting firms, an architect, and real estate company listed as the owner. That real estate company listed is Duke Realty, which Forbes says is closely tied to the Amazon empire.

"There is a lot of land. We don't know anything about what's being done. We think there are some exploratory things the site. Other than that, we have no information."

And when it comes to permits, Clarke contradicts a previous KEEL story. "There are no permits that have been filed with our office. It's a speculative situation...possibly someone is looking at land to evaluate the ability to develop something on that land and that's basically what's happening."

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