First of all, who donates an urn to goodwill? Lets ponder the possibilities- maybe the urn was in a box that no one has gone through in a while and that box was just carelessly donated to a local Goodwill to free up space in the attic. Whatever the case may be, this is still a weird story.

According to Fox News, police in Washington State are looking for the rightful owner of the urn. Shown below is the tweet from the police.

The strange part of my brain is making me believe that this has happened before. My mother who is a "Antique Hunter" has found some really bizarre things at Goodwill and many other thrift shops before. Usually, her thing is finding old sewing machines that she will then refurbish and make new again. Other times she will bring back some crazy stuff including an actual vampire hunting kit.

However, she has never brought home an urn before.


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