Just when, after a few days of heavy rain, allergy sufferers thought they'd be getting a break from their sneezing, coughing and other illnesses, "Allergy Season 2.0" has hit the Shreveport - Bossier area.

Every spring, thousands upon thousands are plagued with itchy, watery eyes and more. The pollen, as any annual sufferer can tell you, is made up of the tiny, microscopic grains released into the air by grass, plants and trees. They then are spread by the wind, sticking to everything including humans, pets and clothing. Area specialists say that the allergy season comes in three waves, typically covering early to late spring.

But our area of Louisiana and the ArklaTex are not the only parts of the South ridden with sufferers. This year has been especially bad for everyone from Texas to North Carolina. In fact, one Raleigh physician says pollen counts are nearing record highs.

"In April in North Carolina we have an overlap for a couple weeks where we have pretty high counts of tree and then grass also gets started," says allergist Dr Heather Gutekunst.

"So when we see that, if you are allergic to both, we tend to see an escalation in symptoms."

Other doctors suggest sufferers get relief by finding an effective over-the-counter medication, changing sheets more often and showering before bedtime to remove unseen pollen from your body.


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