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I know that over the last 12 months we have all come to love our junk-food.  There was something comforting about finding the perfect butt-divot in the couch you've been working on for the last year and finding out what was hiding at the bottom of your favorite bag of Ruffles potato chips.  In reality, we all knew what was down there: the stunning realization that you had to go back to the store for more chips!

Well, now that the pandemic crisis seems to be lightening up in Louisiana (not over yet, please get your vaccine), it looks like one of our favorite couch companions is out of the rotation.  According to Taste of Home, Ruffles parent company Frito-Lay has issued an immediate recall for "All-Dressed" flavor of the popular ridged chips right here in Louisiana.

The recall affects All-Dressed Ruffles sold at Sam's Clubs in 9 states, including ours, due to the possibility of the undeclared milk ingredients.  The problem all started at the factory when an entirely different flavor of chips were mistakenly put into 16 1/8-ounce packages of the All-Dressed variety.  This, of course, could cause some very uncomfortable digestive issues for folks who are lactose-intolerant.  Along with Louisiana, the report points out that these mislabeled snacks were also distributed to Sam's Club locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

According to the report, the bags will have a "Guaranteed Fresh" date of June 1st and will display one of the following product codes:

  • 373205510
  • 473305610
  • 473105610

If you have purchased one of these tainted bags, you can call Frito-Lay Consumer Relations at 1-800-352-4477.

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