There are a lot of things we have to learn when we become single. For me, it's been spotting red flags. What I do once I spot them, well that is another story for another day. What are relationship Red flags?

Think of a relationship red flag as your intuitive indicator that something just isn't adding up. Something that needs to be questioned. What do we do with these feelings of insecurity? What do we do when we get negative feedback from friends and family? Do we count those as red flags? According to a lot of daters in Shreveport-Bossier negative feedback from family is a red flag.

We asked a lot of daters what were some big red flags that they ignored early into the relationship or relationship red flags that made them end their relationships and there wasn't one thrown our way that I didn't agree with. Check them out below!

Relationship Red Flags According to Shreveport-Bossier:

    •  "Telling you they are not ready for a label after 4 months"
    • "When he would get angry over every small thing and gradually get violent"
    • "He would drink my Dr. Pepper that I would bring home from work every day. Even after I asked him not to he would do it. It was def foreshadowing the insane selfishness he had. Even towards our children."
    • "Being on his phone all the time when he never used to be. Coming to bed after me when we use to go together. Many many more."
    • "When all his failed marriages were the other person’s fault."
    • "Any form of addiction"
    • "I was gonna be her 6th husband"
    • "If you guys have been hanging out and you finally lay out what you're feeling and he tells you that he doesn't want a relationship right now but wants to keep things the way they are. Sorry, sis no time to be an option in 2021."
    • "If she likes to correct you like she is your mom!"
    • "If he gets mad when you confront him about something and tries to gaslight you!"
    • "If he still lives with his ex-wife. No, they aren't getting a divorce, you're the side chick."

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