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When it's this hot out, you can either whine and complain or you can have some fun with it! We decided to have some fun!

Anyday now you'll see the first meteorologist of the year try to bake cookies on a car dashboard or fry an egg on a manhole cover. So clever! Do you want to know who's really clever? The residents of this great state of Louisiana! I asked you to fill in the blank and by did you deliver! Check out the answers to 'Fill in the Blank: It's so hot in Louisiana that __________?' Enjoy!

Stephanie Stuart

Girls' eyebrows are literally Melting OFF.

Ellen Whittington

Tabasco is sweating!

Jeff Leon

Mosquitoes are only biting in the shade.

Jeff Adkins

The roads have almost melted back smooth.

Stephanie Stuart

That the Devil went back to Georgia just to cool off.

Jeff Leon

The last 4 drive-by shootings in Shreveport were with water guns.

Scot Fox

Crawfish are jumping into the pot just to cool off!

Kathleen Calhoun

The snakes have gone back underground.

Kevin Lansing

I saw a tweaker putting the copper back in an A/C unit.

Morgan Bailey Eberhardt

It’s so hot in Louisiana that you don’t need propane to boil the crawfish.

Sam Demaris

Cajuns are going vegan to avoid the meat sweats.

Shay D. Carter

I just saw the devil walking out of circle k with 2 Gatorades.

Chock Holcomb

Hotter than a meth pipe on payday.

Morgan Bailey Eberhardt

It’s hotter than Hunter Biden’s spoon.

Aaron McAvoy

Mosquitos flying north for the summer.

Austin Beard

It's so hot my AC gave me the finger…

Amy Crews Rogers

It's so hot in Louisiana that I almost called my ex to be around something shady!

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