The Myrtles' Plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana is easily recognizable as one of the most popular haunted destinations in the United States. The property and plantation has been the site of several murders and all-around dark happenings. But easily the most famous of all the tales told of the old plantation was the story of Chloe.

Chloe was a slave for the Woodruff family who was hanged on the property for supposedly poisoning the Woodruff wife and daughters with oleander. Many families came-and-went from the plantation throughout it's standing, and is said to have been home to 10 murders.

Proprietors of the plantation currently, claim there are 12 ghosts that roam the property, and a lucky visitor seems to have captured one in a photo.

Courtesy of Jamie Lancon
Courtesy of Jamie Lancon

In the photo above, all the people in the room were supposedly accounted for except for one. In the upper left corner of the mirror, there appears to be seemingly disembodied head floating over everyone. The folks that work at Myrtles have pointed out that it looks a bit like a portrait of William Winter's daughter, who died at the plantation at the age of three.

This is nowhere near the first time a ghostly image has been caught on camera on the property. Some of the pictures date back many years, and this one is likely to live on with the rest of them. Let's hope the Myrtles Plantation will live on to capture the imaginations and wonder of visitors for years to come.

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