Folks in prison can get pretty inventive.  Making their own wine in the toilet, tattoos, and weapons from toothbrushes - folks on the inside know how to make do with limited freedom and supplies.  Case in point, the recent and highly illegal delivery of some hot and delicious Chinese food to a prison in Ireland has investigators convinced that inmates have used a drone to deliver the goods.

Authorities at Dublin's Wheatfield Prison discovered a giant load of Chinese food takeout boxes stashed in the trash bin in the yard used by the inmates.  The leading theory is that inmates communicated with a cohort outside the prison who purchased said sweet and/or sour delectable dishes and flew them over the fences into the hungry arms of the incarcerated.  According to the Sun, illegal wontons may be the least of the authorities worries when it comes to airborne contraband.  The greater concern is that virtually anything can be brought into the prison via drone, including drugs and weapons.

I the likely event of this happening in our neck of the woods, there's no need to worry.  Louisiana has some of the best duck hunters in the world.  With a little work, they could be on the front lines in a new aerial war against this criminal robot smuggling wave.

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