A holiday shopper in Denver was shocked to find that the PlayStation 4 bundle he purchased from his local Walmart was filled with two wrapped-up bags of rocks.

ABC 7 News reports that Igor Baksht, of Stapleton, Colorado (yes, his name really is Igor), purchased a PlayStation 4 bundle at his local Walmart last Friday and was surprised to see that it was filled with two bags of rocks instead. Baksht was told by the employee who handed him the console from Walmart's locked display case that the package was previously opened and returned. Upon going home and checking the console, he found two bags of rocks, packaged drug dealer-style, instead of a PS4. Baksht checked the box's contents before wrapping the gift for his 13-year-old niece. Just imagine if Baksht's niece opened the box and found rocks inside it on Christmas Day.

The Walmart he purchased the console from was already closed by the time he discovered its contents, so he went to a 24-hour location a bit further away to make a complaint. Unfortunately, he was told that he must go back to the original store. The workers at the original Walmart he purchased the console from said that there was nothing they could do about it due to a lack of proof (because everyone opens up their video game consoles while they're still inside the store they purchased it from, right?).

Of course, this story could be falsified, but Baksht claims that, on Christmas Eve, the Walmart's manager called him to say that his store would allow the return.

"I've never bought one before, so I don't know how much it has to weigh," said Baksht.

Walmart representatives would not confirm Baksht's story to 7 News, but they claim they gave him a full refund in order to give him the benefit of a doubt. We're glad to see the Big W take the high road in this instance -- it's easy for people to fabricate stories and even easier for big companies to reject a customer, but if this story was true, shame on the employees for not checking the PS4 box's contents upon the original return in the first place.

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