Last week, Josh Homme went on an expletive filled tirade after some douche-nozzle got on stage in the middle of a Queens of the Stone Age performance. This week, Homme turned his anger and sharp wit towards numerous subjects, including the Grammys and Imagine Dragons.

For those that missed it, last year Queens of the Stone Age released a phenomenal album called "...Like Clockwork." Their song My God Is The Sun should have (keyword being "should") won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance, but instead was beat out by the not-nearly-as-good (or rocking) band Imagine Dragons and their tune, "Radioactive."

And that was just one instance of QOTSA getting screwed by the Grammys. Their performance with Nine Inch Nails and Dave Grohl was also cut short by the show.

So, Josh being his usual funny, feisty self poked fun at the situation at a recent concert in Houston, Texas, when he told the audience: "This next song is by Imagine Dragons."

The crowd immediately started a chant of boos, which led to Homme delivering a big 'f--- you' to Imagine Dragons and "the man."

I'm just fucking kidding you. You got to admit, right now all of you are imagining dragons.  You know, fuck everything. Fuck the man. Fuck Imagine Dragons. Fuck the Grammys. Fuck all that shit. We're suppose to be here with you, not somewhere with the man's dick in our hand

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