What could ever be sinister about the Harvest Moon? Okay, if you count the way singer Neil Young looks in the video for his song Harvest Moon, then you've got something. But, otherwise, the Harvest Moon is as much of an ambassador to the Fall season as the turning of the leaves and the complaining about bad calls from football fans.

This year the Harvest Moon falls on a day that's been linked with ill tidings, bad luck, and a very lucrative series of movies, Friday the 13th. There actually is no cosmic bond between the date and the lunar cycle it's just one of those happy coincidences that folks like me in the media seem to gravitate to.

However, there is something a little different about the upcoming Harvest Moon on Friday. It's not only a full moon, but it's also a full micromoon. Let me explain. The Harvest  Moon is defined as the full moon that takes place closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The day that happens this year is September 23rd.

What makes this a micromoon is the location of the moon compared to the Earth. When there is a full moon at the same time the moon is located furthest away from the Earth they call that a micromoon. Most of us won't notice it but the moon will appear to be smaller and a little dimmer when compared to other full moons you may have experienced.

The last time Friday the 13th coincided with a full moon was the year 2000. It won't happen again until August of 2049 so for a lot of us this is going to be our last chance to observe the moon in all its glory with superstitions of Friday the 13th.  So fans of Friday night football, look up. But wait until there's a time out. We wouldn't want you to miss a play.

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