Nashville band Red recently droped their fourth album "Release the Panic". What can you expect from their latest effort? Equal parts alternative rock, hard rock, metal and grunge. And of of course, a deeper message that has earned them Grammy nominations twice for Best Rock Gospel Album.

Are they a Christian band? Are they a Christian Rock band? Or are they simply a great rock band firmly grounded in their spiritual beliefs and lifestyle? Find out more tonight (March 8), when the band takes the stage at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City, La. for the latest stop on the Winter Jam Tour 2013.

Red stopped by The Rock Station 99X before the show to shoot the s___, talk about life on the road and perform acoustic versions of Perfect Life and Hold Me Now. Check it out.

RED - "The Perfect Life"

As we recorded in Los Angeles, the inspiration for that song was all around us, all the time. So many people have themselves convinced they’re living the sweet life, the good life, and some have worked really hard to get there, but it’s the people who are trying, clawing their way to live this kind of life that’s troubling.

RED - "Hold Me Now"