Mike Tramp, the Danish singer-songwriter known to many as the voice of White Lion, will be paying Shreveport a visit during his 'Nomad' tour, making a stop at the Riverside Warehouse downtown this Saturday.

I became a fan during his White Lion days, but little did I know he has an even more extensive music library than those 80's hits we all know and love. He was in the band Freak of Nature for a while, started Mike Tramp and His Rock 'n' Roll Circuz, and continued with the solo work.

Since the Nomad Tour focuses on him and his acoustic guitar, I was wondering what the set list would look like. Since I didn't get a response from the 'web guys,' I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and suggest several tunes I know people will want to hear.

Of course, we have to start with the classic White Lion tunes...but we definitely want to hear some songs off of the new Nomad album.

Keep in mind, the White Lion videos I've listed below are with the full band, but I think they'll sound just as amazing stripped-down acoustic-style! Feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section below.

  • 1

    Wait/White Lion

    This one is probably White Lion's most-recognizable and biggest hit. Surely Mr. Tramp wouldn't let us go without hearing it! Perhaps an encore? Let's make it happen!

  • 2

    Little Fighter/White Lion

    This has to be my favorite WH tunes of all time. It showed the band was not just exciting to watch and listen to, the guys were also politically-conscious and cared about world issues.

  • 3

    When the Children Cry/White Lion

    Am I the only one who ACTUALLY cries while trying to sing this? If so, I'm not ashamed. It's a brilliantly-written tune with a great message.

  • 4

    Hungry/White Lion

    I picked this one not because it was one I listened to an awful lot as a younger gal, but because I found the most awesome version of it, with Mike Tramp playing and singing it in a hotel room. This is more what we can expect from this weekend's show.

  • 5

    Hymn to Ronnie/Mike Tramp

    From Mike's solo album 'Stand Your Ground,' this tune was written as a tribute to former Heaven & Hell and Black Sabbath vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who died May 16, 2010, after a six-month battle with stomach cancer. The video is from one of his live shows.

  • 6

    Give It All You Got/Mike Tramp

    This is one of the singles from the new 'Nomad' album, which I'm excited to get my own copy of at the Warehouse show.

  • 7

    Stay/Mike Tramp

    Another tune from the Nomad album. Can't wait to hear it live and in person!

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