Let's be honest, I think most of us would like to forget the early 2000s when Emo was running wild in the rock universe. I can't speak for you, but guy liner and fish net was NOT a good look for me. Somethings are just better left forgotten.

But, as bad as the fashion was during that time, some of the music was pretty awesome! The Used, AFI, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance all were pretty bad ass at the time.

So, while we probably don't need to break out the safety pins and skinny jeans, it is fun to go back and revisit all the great music. And that's exactly what's going down at Bear's on Fairfield Friday Night.

The Interns (great group of guys, by the way) will be playing all your favorite emo hits; Everything from Hawthorne Heights to Saosin. The PBR will be flowing. It really should be an AWESOME way to spend a Friday night.

If you want to go, here are all the details you need to know. We'll see you there. Mascara is optional.

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