I am a creature of habit. I shop at the same handful of places. I eat at the same handful of places. And I drink at the same handful of places. What can I say? I like what I like. I find things that make me happy and then I keep using them. And one bar I've had many a good night at is Bear's on Fairfield. Unfortunately, Bear's has been closed for a while. Well, until now.

They had their BIG grand re-opening Saturday night. Colton put a lot of work in to get the place ready. But, just be warned, this isn't the same Bear's you remember. Yeah, they still have $2 Dollar PBRs, live music and more flannel than you can handle. But, now there are actual functioning lights and you don't need a tetanus shot to use the bathroom. Plus, it's smoke free. Which I thought was going to make me angry...but it really wasn't that bad. They got a cool new porch area that is perfect for chain smoking idiots like me.

Bear's may not be my home base to post up on the weekends... but after opening night, it's sure as hell going back into my regular rotation of places. Keep the PBR cold and the music coming!

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