UPDATE: Reports on Twitter say that Michael Thomas punched Saints' defensive back, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. You can see the Twitter post below @BleacherReport


Saints star wideout, Michael Thomas, will sit out Monday night's game but not for reasons most fans are expecting. Thomas was involved in an altercation with a teammate at practice this weekend and is being sat for disciplinary reasons.

The news was broken by @AdamSchefter on Twitter and you can see it below

While Thomas has been battling an ankle injury for weeks now, Saints fans were expecting his return to the Saints starting lineup. Now, it seems as though the Saints will be without Thomas for reasons other than an injury.

Thomas was previously listed as questionable for the Saints' 'Monday Night Football' matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. Schefter is reporting that he is sitting as a disciplinary measure for the at-practice altercation.

The report from Schefter that Michael Thomas got in an altercation with a teammate at practice shows that whatever the extent of the scene was, it was enough for punishment to be handed down.

The significance of Thomas missing even more time this season cannot be understated, as fans have been anxiously waiting for Drew Brees' most dangerous weapon to return to play.

We can only hope that whatever altercation occurred, it does not spill over into the Saints performance tomorrow night and the rest of the season.

Fans will have to wait and see if Thomas will be back after the Saints' Week 6 bye.

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