The Roseanne Saga continues.  Everyone has heard at this point that the comedienne has already won the 2018 Foot-in-Mouth award for her tweet comparing Obama-era White House staffer Valerie Jarrett to a character from a Planet of the Apes movie.  That move got the hit revival of her late 80's / early 90's sitcom cancelled by ABC.  The latest news from Page Six is that the embattled star is seriously considering a move that would clear the way for a potential spin-off of the show featuring the remaining members of the show.

ABC is still on the hook to pay salaries of the remaining staff on the show for the upcoming (cancelled) season. The possibility of continuing the show without the titular character is being seriously considered by the network, but that would include paying Roseanne a hefty sum for her role as the show's creator.  In a surprise move, it's now reported that Roseanne is putting serious thought into forgoing that payday and removing herself entirely from the sitcom in order to clear the way for the network to green light the spin-off.

If ABC decides to pull the trigger on the show's continuation, rumor is - the show will put the focus on Dan and Roseanne's daughter, Darlene.

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