If this guy's training camp is any indication of what he's going to do during the season, he's in for a monstrous year!

Saints tight end Jared Cook has spent the majority of his time in the NFL as a back up, but he's making quite the splash as a starter for New Orleans.

During camp on Tuesday, Drew Brees sat out to rest his arm. Most people, admittedly, wouldn't expect big plays like this with backup quarterbacks are at the helm, but Teddy Bridgewater tossed a beautiful pass to the back corner of the field as Cook broke away from veteran linebacker AJ Klein.

Then, seemingly with ease, Cook makes a huge over the shoulder catch and makes it into the end zone.

You can hear it from his teammates as the ball is released from Bridgewater's hands, expletives start coming out because they know what's about to happen.

Check out the play:

Cook's arrival in New Orleans has given the Saints a page in the playbook back that hasn't really been available since Jimmy Graham was traded away. This should be fun!

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