A bet that was lost back in March will be the reason you see the Saints wearing white at home this Sunday vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.

The culprit? Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Actually, it was his golf game—or lack thereof. Payton played golf with Eagles coach Doug Pederson during the NFL meetings this spring and there were a few unique bets on the table. According to a report from NOLA.com over the summer,

One of those bets, according to what the coaches revealed on a conference call Monday, involved the winner being able to wear their home jerseys when the Eagles come to New Orleans in Week 11. Pederson won, which means the Eagles will be wearing green inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Nov. 18.

That game is this weekend, and if any fans were looking forward to seeing the Saints in their black & gold, get ready to see them in their all-white color rush uniforms. Personally, I dig them better than our traditional white jerseys with black pants.

Coach Payton's game was so bad that if the two kept playing and betting, it was reported that the Eagles would have ended up in the Saints locker room.

Let's be glad he stopped at white uniforms.

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