Salina Duplessis is an actress, writer, producer, and dare we say stone-cold stunner? Oh, we dare. She can dance you under the floorboards, has an impressive theater background, and is lately seen on shows like ‘White Collar’ and ‘Nurse Jackie.’

Also, as the music video below proves, she looks better than you in a bikini (or slipping out of one), not that we want to think of you scantily clad right after eating. We’ll focus instead on this recent spate of Duplessisity. More than just a pretty everything, she has solid acting chops (seen in her media reel at the bottom), and wrote and produced her own one-woman show. Basically, she does more by 6 a.m. than you do by the time you die.

She’s a New Orleans native, and yes, she’s Creole, which means long ago several ethnic groups convened to marry off their most attractive kids … and Salina is the ultimate product. If you took everything good in Louisiana except shrimp, she’s what you’d get. And oh, brother, if we could only get her.

Warning: NSFW language in these videos, and only one of them is the sexy kind.