This is right out of the annals (ANNALS! ANNALS! Not anals, you perv!) of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Remember Lindsay Lohan, the cute little Disney ginger?  Lindsay Lohan, the feisty 18 year-old ginger minx!  It's hard to believe that the Lindsay Lohan that trolls L.A. bars and parties today is one-and-the-same. The 2012 Lindsay Lohan looks more like Debbie Harry's 80 year-old mother than a 25 year-old hot actress with a future.  That's because she's not hot anymore.  And has no future.  And looks 80 years old.  Watch if you dare (as you attorney, I recommended you have a paper bag or bucket nearby), as Lindsay Lohan transforms from adorable ginger waif into a nasty, chainsmoking, coke snorting whore gone wild - in 60 seconds: