Aerosmith has been rocking the grateful people of this earth for almost 50 years (the band formed in 1970), and are showing no sign of slowing down.  In fact, the time defying band slammed the live show portion of your Aerosmith experience in into high gear with the kick-off of their Las Vegas residency earlier this month.  You can see what Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton can do with a Vegas sized show budget at the Park Theater at MGM Events.  The show is called "Deuces Wild," and the show promises to be just that - wild. 

If you want to go, you've got a few options - some of them are pretty questionable and possibly less-than-legal.  Let's focus on the ones that will (most likely) keep you out of trouble. For option 1, you can fork over a couple of grand (before the casino gets a hold of you) for the airfare, hotel, and tickets (for 2, because who sees this show alone?).  Option 2 will find you enjoying the Sweet Emotion of this incredible experience for free.  Highway 98.9 is giving you the chance to win it all - plus, we're going to throw in $500 in spending cash!  And, just to ensure an over-the-top performance from the Aerosmith, we're sending you on July 4th!  It's gonna be crazy!

Get the official rules and sign up by clicking here

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