According to Metro and Daily Star, Serial Killer Rose West won her prison bake off with her Victorian sponge cake. Apparently, this bake off took place at the Low Newton Prison’s F-Wing located in the village of Brasside in County Durham, England.

Rose West was convicted for 10 murders back in 1995. Her story is actually very horrible. Her husband, Fred, raped and killed their daughter. Then buried her body under their patio. They then did the same thing to nine other people. She is currently serving a life sentence. No word where she picked up the baking skills.

Is this the new Great British Bake Off? Think about it. The Great British Prison Bake Off would definitely be popular. Just like the Great British Bake Off they will have technical challenges and showstoppers rounds where they create elaborate centerpieces out of deserts. BTW I am completely obsessed with the Great British Bake Off. If you haven't seen the show it is on Netflix!

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