Christmas Day is less than a week away and Mother Nature is not going to cooperate with last minute shoppers or holiday travelers attempting to get out of town or into town during the early part of the holiday week.

Children are also very concerned about flying conditions for a certain jolly old elf and his reindeer powered flying sleigh as he makes his way from the north pole. Here is what we can expect for the holiday week and the important Christmas Eve and Christmas Day forecast. Remember these are subject to change so check back with us often for updates throughout the week.


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Shreveport - Monroe - Alexandria : The early part of the work week will hold a significant threat of showers. Heavy rain will be more likely in the Alexandria area and for  points located east of Monroe.  Rain chances of 30%- 40% will be common along I-20 from Shreveport to Monroe beginning on Monday. A better chance of showers and heavier storms will begin on  Monday for Central Louisiana with rain chances anywhere from 50%-70% through the middle of the work week.

Temperatures will moderate to the lower 70's by Christmas Eve. Rain chances will diminish as well. Santa should have no issue with weather flying into this part of the state on Thursday night. Those fortunate enough to receive toys for outside play should have not trouble getting outdoors on Christmas Day to enjoy them.



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Lake Charles - Lafayette: Rain chances will be much higher for Southwestern Louisiana during the first part of the work week. By Monday night holiday shoppers will be balancing packages along with umbrellas as they make their way out of the stores with their holiday purchases. Rain chances of 60%- 70% will be likely in the forecast area by Monday evening into Wednesday. The rain threat will ease later in the week with a moderation in temperatures.

The Christmas Eve outlook for the I-10 corridor in Southwestern Louisiana should be similar to points north. A minimal rain chance and temperatures at seasonable levels. There will be a slight risk of showers on Christmas Day but the day will have many hours of rain free time and tolerable temperatures for enjoying outside gifts as well.



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Baton Rouge - New Orleans: Like most of the other areas of the state the threat of rain will enter the forecast area late in the day on Monday. Southeast Louisiana will by far have the greatest threat of heavy rain from Monday night through Wednesday. This could interrupt travelers on I-10 or airport connections through the New Orleans Airport. Severe weather is not expected but the threat of heavy rains could certainly inhibit shopping and traveling early in the week.

Christmas Eve should see a decrease in the rain threat across the area and by the time Santa is due to pass by homes in Southeastern Louisiana he might have to dodge a few raindrops but it's nothing he can't handle. Temperatures will be mild as well.

Christmas Day should be dry for the most part with only a slight risk of a passing shower in the area. Temperatures should be slightly above normal for those that wish to get outside and play with new gifts and gadgets.



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