Celebrate LOVE at Hooters. Wait, more like celebrate single awareness day. If you're in between lovers, or maybe you're still bitter about that horrid breakup, honor your ex in the most iconic way ever.

Hooters restaurants will once again be offering a free order of wings if you are willing to destroy a picture of your ex-lover at their locations on Valentine's Day.  Hooters even has an online survey that you can participate in to figure out the best way to "destroy" your former love interest or photo of them. Will you be burning, shredding, burying, or throwing of a dart through the forehead of the ex you wish you could erase?

With so many people paying $5 to $25 to feed cockroaches and rat's named after their exes to meerkats and snakes, this seems like a very beneficial trade-off. Free wings, forget the ex. It's a win-win. Happy Single Awareness Day!

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