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Louisiana has been in the national spotlight for COVID-19 for a few weeks. The "Delta variant" spread of COVID-19 among Louisiana's unvaccinated population has made national headlines every day.

But painting the entire state with a broad-brush when it comes to this chapter of the COVID pandemic would be a mistake. Not all parts of Louisiana have had the same experiences when it comes to the pandemic, and that is especially true right now.

During this "Delta" surge, most of the cases and hospitalizations in the state are located in South Louisiana. In fact, during a recent Caddo Parish School Board meeting, Louisiana Department of Health Region 7 Director Dr. Martha Whyte told the school board and the audience that the Shreveport and Bossier area has 8%-10% of cases in the state. You can see her comments at 20:30 in this video.

Not only does the Shreveport area have a lower percentage of cases in the state, Caddo Parish is one of the most vaccinated parishes in the state. Meaning more people have completed their COVID vaccinations in the parish than most others. Caddo Parish has just under 81,000 completed vaccines at the time of this writing.

Currently, Caddo Parish ranks as the the 6th most vaccinated parish out of the state's 64 parishes. While Bossier Parish ranks as the 12th most vaccinated parish.

Jefferson Parish is the most vaccinated in the state, followed by Orleans Parish in second place. Tensas Parish was in last place at the time of this writing, with Cameron and Red River Parishes also near the bottom.

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