Locals are reacting to the news of actor/comedian Robin Williams' death. Facebook and Twitter are flooded with comments about a man most of us never got to meet, but who we felt we knew because we grew up being fascinated by his work, which has spanned multiple generations.

We didn't know much about the inner struggles he'd been fighting with for decades. We knew the man who WAS, in our eyes, every person he ever portrayed...because he was that convincing an actor. We laughed and cried watching him. He shocked us with his antics. He touched a lot of lives.

I can't remember feeling this sad about a celebrity death since River Phoenix on Halloween night in 1993. Maybe it's because of all the questions that still remain, the biggest one being...Could anyone have stopped this from happening?

Everyone will judge. People will ask, "Was he selfish for committing suicide?" Others will remind you that he was a REAL person with REAL problems, just like the rest of us.

Here's what some of my local Facebook friends have said about Williams over the last couple of days. Many of these folks are former schoolmates, some local musicians, some former residents who have moved away. I've removed names to respect their privacy.

"Robin Williams died today. This really bums me out. The laughs died today..."

"This just crushed me."

"Take a minute people. He committed suicide. He was successful, rich, & adored & he took his own life. if he felt no responsibility to his fans, money & career why then should we pay remorseful tribute if this is how he felt about it all? sympathy to his loved ones, sure. Pray for the people of Israel, read a story to your children, give to charity, if u feel the need to take up a cause. this is the illusion of Hollywood entertainment & the God-like importance we place on celebrities- on parade."

"Rest in Peace Robin Williams....one of my favorite actors...."

"I remember my mom loving [the Egg Scene] from 'Mork and Mindy' and how hard she would laugh every time it came on the TV."

"We lost another great comedian....RIP Robin Williams"

"Please say it isn't true. We'll miss you Robin."

"Holy Cow....so sad. Suicide is a real problem not something to condemn. Depression kills."

"Favorite TV show as a child? Mork and Mindy. I was just thinking about it this morning before I heard the news."

"Such a loss to us all! So many touching & funny movies & such a wonderful man!"

"I could ask myself why? Over and over again and try to comprehend why he did what he did.
But I know already.
Anybody who has been stuck in the abyss of inner pain and insanity knows why. Even if they won't admit it. What people knew was the character actor. But his eyes were not liars. They were often filled with tears or ablaze with mania.
Being a prisoner on that emotional and mental yoyo ride from Hell is enough to kill anyone if it lasts long enough.
That's real talk from someone who is living it and surviving it...
...Then, the news of Robin Williams. My heart broke. I wept and the news came that it was a suicide then I remember an interview I saw years ago. He was sharing his experience of having bipolar depression and his struggles associated with it. Then, I wept more. He didn't make it. Whatever treatments and medications and lifestyle modifications didn't work or he stopped working with them. Such a brilliant soul. A rare spirit that lends everyone who witnesses it to join in the joy. The characters he portrayed were seldom acted as such. It was Robin being his radiant, beautiful and buoyant self."

"We live in a world where depression is made fun of and treated like a joke. Depression is a sickness. Depression is real. It's totally not a joke. Be there for someone if they're depressed."

"Today we lost a Comic Genius. Robin Williams was found dead of apparent suicide. The world will be a little less funny now. My Bucket list of people I want to meet keep getting shorter and shorter."

"I was very sad to hear to about Robin Williams, but not surprised. People with accelerated minds such as his tend to follow the same path every so often. Glad I was alive to witness his genius. He's made me laugh as much as anyone else in film."

"So far I have seen a lot of heartfelt posts about losing Robin Williams. Such a sad day to lose someone that made the majority of us laugh and cry since were young kids. However, if you're going to post condolences and then mix in comments about why couldn't another person die instead, I would prefer not to see it. No matter what you feel about a celebrity, they are still human beings and I could not wish someone who should not have that much affect on your own personal life to think such a thought. I cant even believe I know ppl like that. Blech."

"A tribute to Robin Williams and the others I have encounetred on my path:
Depression is a disease but the pain is real. The stigma stings and your life it steals. The laughter is joy but the darkness is here. I need an escape but have only tears. Save me or not, its ok either way. I have not figured out if its better to stay. My loss can be noticed but I need a way out. Miss me or not because I have no doubt.
May you find Peace! Isn't that all that everyone is looking for?"

"So very sad to hear the news today of the passing of one of America's great funny men. What IMHO is equally sad will be the non stop morning network news program speculation as to why this man took his own life. If there is any respect for him and his family, just leave it alone please. None of this "After the break we will visit his close friend" crap and then throw up an ad with Flo hawking car insurance. K? Thanks."

"I always felt like we were watching a wounded child, tap dancing as fast as he could so we would just love him back...even if that meant we laughed at him. Sometimes, the funniest person in the room is the saddest soul. As a former "Class Clown", I felt he was a kindred spirit. He could crack you up while he was breaking inside, because that actually let him forget his own pain for a bit. This one stings."

"I always expected Robin Williams to outlive us all. Despite today's news, my expectations have not changed."

"Why!?!? I have admired and loved Robin Williams for as long as I can remember. This man helped me find my sense of humor and helped me realize that comedy makes up a huge part of my personality. It's safe to say that if Robin Williams would've have never been around, my entire persona would be different."

"In your darkest moment of your darkest day... Reach out to find the light that is your friend. A shoulder. Someone to help. I am here 24/7."

"Just thinking about how some of the happiest people are truly the saddest. Hard to be "on" all of the time. I consider Robin Williams an Icon... grew up with Mork & Mindy, and all that came after, and have been a huge fan of his. I truly hate that he felt no other way. Prayers for his family, and many, many fans that had no idea."

"I was seriously hoping for once that the newsfeed was wrong about a celebs death... Man.. What a waste of an awesome/talented life... It just goes to show you that a person may look all jazzed up on the outside but can be broken up on the inside... So sad.... RIP R. Williams..."

"RIP Mork. An amazing comedian who brought so much laughter died of depression. Terrible and tragic. God bless, Robin Williams. Hopefully you found the peace you sought."

"Saddened to hear of the loss of Robin Williams today. I am going to miss his acting...my prayers are with his loved ones and friends."

"The drag queen, the genie, the pan, the patch, and many more. But most of all, the legend. If only he knew what heavy hearts the world would have on this day. I hope he's in a better place swimming in a bowl full of noodles."

"Goodbye, Robin... NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! No!!!! Not again!!! Not another brilliant light in this dim world; gone. NO! Not Robin Williams. Not MORK!! People die every day. No death is easy. "

"RIP Robin Williams. You will be sorely missed in the entertainment industry and in homes everywhere."

"In light of current events and one of saddest of days, it's time for a tear jerker and a glass of Cupcake Red Velvet wine."

"RIP Robin Williams... Can't believe it. One of the funniest men to ever grace the earth!"

"Just this morning at around 8:30 the memory came to me of Chris Reeves talking about Williams showing up to visit and encourage him right after he broke his neck. Can't remember why I was thinking about that. Ironic and sad how such a positive person could be plagued by depression."

"He was amazing...he transformed into each character...Johnny depp is the same. I'm pretty sure all my favorite actors have mental illness. I really hate that word but apparently that's the appropriate word these days. I think mental illness sounds really derogatory and I usually say I "wrestle with demons" but I learned on the news last night that that offends people with mental illness...."

"RIP Robin Williams. One of my all time favorite actors. This weekend the Kimbrough household will hold a Robin Williams marathon in his memory."

"I don't think I have ever been legitimately sad about someone I never met passing away... until today. Robin Williams was one of the best actors of all time in my eyes. The world was a little bit brighter with him in it. At least I can still see that sparkle in his eyes in the works he left behind."

"I always said that when Robin Williams died, I would know I was old, but I never expected him to go like this. He was a childhood favorite and I hope, if nothing else comes from this, that people will acknowledge that mental suffering is real. People live with these problems everyday and they are probably not the people you expect.

They are the friends who have your back, the mothers supporting you, the strongest people you know...the comedians. Never pretend to know another's suffering. Depression and anxiety are REAL. I, myself, struggle daily. It is hard when your own mind lies to you. It tells you nasty little things that are, often, hard to ignore. It tells you the world is better off without you.

It's not true. But sometimes it is so hard to tell the difference. Another soul has lost that battle, whatever battle he was having. I don't pretend to know. I only know my own struggles.

Hug someone and tell them they're important, even if you think they don't need to hear it. Everyone does."

"'I'm in the mood to help you dude, you ain't never had a friend like me.' Thanks for the laughs, Robin."