I didn't know that my friend struggled with depression. He was the life of the party, my best friend was dating him and they both seemed so happy. We had rowdy weekends every weekend, we were all in our mid twenties and our only care in the world was that we had enough beer money to get us through the weekend. At that point I was convinced we all had a happy go lucky kind of life. I remember the day we found out that he had lost his battle to depression. It was a very hot Sunday, I came home to my roommate uncontrollably sobbing with her phone laying on the ground. Suicide? Him? Why? How? We had just face-timed with him the night before. How could this happen?

Amy Sussman Getty Images

Even now, several years later I can't help but wonder if there were signs that we all missed. Hearing about Kate Spade's suicide and how so many American's are blown away by it all makes me remember exactly how it felt the day we lost our friend. We had no idea he was living in despair and had lost all hope. If you struggle with depression, or have thoughts of suicide, please seek help. We seek help when we find out we have cancer, so why don't we do it when we know we are struggling with depression? We need to start treating depression and not just tell each other to "shake it off" or "tough it out". There is help out there, you can start by telling a friend that you are struggling with depression. Please if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone the Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always open 1-800-273-8255