Several community meetings have already been held across Shreveport, but you still have a chance to get our and voice your opinion about what you think are the priority issues facing the city.

Mayor Adrian Perkins will hold more listening sessions this month to find out how you think Shreveport leaders should spend the millions of dollars pouring into our community from the American Rescue Plan. Shreveport is expected to get close to $50 million dollars from this federal program.

There are three meetings this week:

    • Monday, at Artspace, at 5:30
    • Tuesday at Airport Park Community Center
    • Thursday at Bill Cockrell Community Center

And there are 2 more meetings later this month:

  • Thursday, June 24, Bilberry Park Community Center
  • Tuesday, June 29 Norris Ferry Community Church


Each meeting kicks off at 6pm except the Monday meeting at Artspace.

If you can not make it to one of the meetings, you are encouraged to complete this survey. It will only take 30 seconds. You are being asked to rank your priorities. Your choices are public safety, infrastructure, economic development and technology. You will have to rank those four choice from 1 to 4.

The Mayor is planning to gather all the data and present a bond proposal to the City Council for the July 13th meeting. He is hoping to get a bond package to the voters in November.

Shreveport Citywide Cleanup

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