The Shreveport City Council has approved new district lines that will give the city five Black and two White districts. The measure passed on a 4-3 vote. Councilwoman LeVette Fuller voted against the plan because it also takes part of the riverfront where the casinos are and puts that area in Council District A which is represented by Tabatha Taylor. Fuller maintains that downtown should be in one council district as a whole. KEEL News has learned that a legal challenge on the new approved map is expected.

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On KEEL Wednesday morning Councilwoman Fuller discussing the new 5-2 council district lines, predicted homeowners in the Fairfield and South Highlands area becoming disenfranchised with the direction of city government and management, and selling their homes and moving out of Shreveport.  Fuller told KEEL News:

I predict a mass exodus and economic collapse...

Referring to the new council map Fuller continued:

5-2 is a 70% black representation, 4-3 is a 57% black representation... our demographics are 57% black population, so you are basically disenfranchising some of your white population... are your interests being represented if you are a moderate, if you are a conservative, if you live in the core and don't want to see a whole lot of taxing and spending...


DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson reached out to KEEL News:

As a leader in one of the places those people leaving are moving to, I can tell you that that exodus is in full swing. We have 700 plus lots being developed that will go to middle/ upper-middle tax payers. In short, She ain’t wrong.
KEEL News asked LeVette Fuller if she is planning to run for re-election to which she replied:
I haven't made up my mind

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