It seems that (former) Shreveport band Iwrestledabearoncelove horror movies. Apparently, they love horror movies so much, they decided to make their own. Starring themselves.

According to the official press release,

It’s been over year since Iwrestledabearonce announced they would be releasing A Beary Scary Movie, a feature film starring none other than themselves. Since the reveal, fans of horror and metal alike have been dying to see film and will be happy to know, the wait is nearly over. A Beary Scary Movie is scheduled for release on November 6, 2012.

A Beary Scary Movie was written and directed by Justin Beasley of KOTK Productions and features the musical stylings and acting debut of Iwrestledabearonce. The horror-comedy follows the tale of Shreddy – the deranged guitarist from legendary 80′s hair metal band White Vulture – who comes straight from hell murdering bands one by one by hacking them to pieces. Now it’s up to Steven, Mikey, John, Krysta and Ricky to make it out alive.

Check out the trailer:

And check out Iwrestledabearonce doing what they do when not making movies here: