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If you've ever had thoughts of serving your fellow man in some sort of government capacity - you're in luck!  The City of Shreveport is offing a few lucky people a "test drive" of sorts, so if you've ever complained about the way things are run - here's your golden opportunity!

OK, so you may not be making policy and fixing the potholes on your first day - but you can get an idea of how the governmental ball bounces by signing up for an internship!  According to Shreveport Secrets, the city is now accepting applications for summer 2022 interns.

Selected high school and college students will serve the city of Shreveport starting June 6th through July 29th.  Interns will help with City of Shreveport affairs, as well as helping businesses that have partnered with the city.  They will most likely lend a hand with in departments like community outreach, public works, or public safety.  They will also get some practical experience and insight into how our local government actually works.

Applications for the program are being accepted now through April 22nd.  You can find out more and throw your name in the hat for the summer program here.

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