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Don't be an idiot, Shreveport. We have a problem with this each and every year. Don't fire firearms into the air, especially on New Year's Eve! Remember, what that great Sir Isaac Newton said; What goes up, must come down.

Here's the official statement from the Shreveport Police Department:

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the Shreveport Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone NOT to fire guns into the air in celebration of the New Year.

The Shreveport Police Department wants to wish everyone a happy New Year’s Eve, but we also want to stress that our officers will be out there working hard to make it a safe New Year’s Eve. While we want folks to be excited about ringing in the New Year, we encourage them to do it with fireworks and not firearms.

Please remember what goes up must come down, and that certainly applies to bullets shot into the air.  While some may think they magically disappear, this is not the case, and innocent people can be hurt or killed as a result of falling projectiles.

In addition, it is against the law to discharge any type of firearm in the city limits of Shreveport. Shreveport police officers will be patrolling our streets this New Year’s Eve in an aggressive, proactive effort to seek out those who would fire guns and put the lives of others at risk and we WILL put you in jail if you do so. We also urge anyone who sees someone firing a gun to immediately call 911 and report the crime to police.

Be responsible ringing in the New Year and use FIREWORKS NOT FIREARMS!

Here's the deal, I understand that fireworks are expensive. The markup on them is insane and no one can afford that right now. But ammo is still pretty expensive, too. And believe me, I totally get being excited for the new year and kicking 2022 to the curb, but let's try and refrain from getting so twisted that we think firing guns into the air is a good idea, k?

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