Weather Channel meteorologist Ken Boone talks about the current weather situation, with an ice storm to our north and a hurricane to our south and how each storm could affect the Shreveport - Bossier City area.

Boone explains what the effects of a cold front with winter precipitation is moving down through the Texas panhandle toward the Dallas area and meanwhile Hurricane Zeta, a storm that could be as strong as Cat 2, hits south Louisiana and moves north.

"We do have some cold air with some snow that's moving across the panhandle of Texas," Boone begins, "We are going to feel that colder air, but I think most of that winter precipitation is going to stay away (from the ArkLaTex), I don't think it's going to make it much further east from where it is. But we certainly are going to see some chilly temperatures in the Shreveport area."

The storm to which Boone refers has dropped a mix of snow and freezing rain over large parts of Texas and Oklahoma, with nearly a half million people being without power across the two states.

And at the same time, Hurricane Zeta is about to come ashore near New Orleans. "The latest track has it coming on shore in southeast Louisiana sometime this afternoon...very near New Orleans. Then as it movies inland it will race north and northeast, a very quick moving storm," Boone says, adding that the storm is moving at about 17 miles per hour, with winds nearing 90mph.

Boone says that, though temps will be dropping and the winds will be blowing across northwest Louisiana, comparatively speaking, Shreveport is a good place to be. "Being in the middle," he says, " We'll miss the worst of both."

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